All you want to know about BL DE ROZARI…

BL DE ROZARI FREELANCE was incorporated on 09/09/2009 by Magdalen de Rozari as a small proprietorship for general photography activities. Magdalen and her husband Werner Versluys as professional photographers were engaged in various photography activities such as Wedding Parties, Sport Competitions, Product Photography and Personal Photo shoots. We are also Nikon Pro Member and FIM licensed.

As the business was growing and the company wanted to develop several other activities, they decided in 2011 to become a private company with the name BL DE ROZARI FREELANCE bv.

The financial background of Magdalen and Werner and their international experience in South East Asia was giving them the opportunity to provide business advice and business development for third parties. 

During the following years Magdalen further concentrated on the professional photography while Werner was concentrated on business development, business advice and general management of project companies. Werner was active in the renewable energy in Europe, South East Asia and even in Taiwan.

From 2019 untill 2021 the activities were concentrated in Taiwan and the company was responsible for the research for and development of new renewable energy projects such as ground mounted or floating solar projects, wind farms and waste to energy plants. The sales of ready to build renewable energy projects was a logical conclusion and it became one of the main activities for the company.

Since 2022 and meanwhile being back in Belgium the story continues….

The Photography is upgraded and they invested in new equipment and development and sales of ready to build renewable energy projects covers an area from South America to Europe and then to Asia.

This was a short overview about BL DE ROZARI. If you want to know more, please contact us by mail or phone.