Photography Portfolio

Photography portfolio of Magdalen de Rozari. Below a small part of my portfolio as professional photographer. I try to express my ideas and feelings in my photos. I hope you like this…

With my photography portfolio I try to say……Your wishes are my targets.

You can reach me for any kind of photography request from private photo sessions for children, adults or groups till sport photography. Product photography can be done on your location or in our studio. We supply the digital pictures in high resolution.

Children in action
Children in action

“Children in action” is my favorite task. The children are always showing all emotions in their actions. We need to let them feel that they are free to do what they want and when they want to show it. It results in wonderful pictures without having stress for both parties.

The environment doesn’t matter…it can be done inside your house, in the garden, on the playground, on the beach or in the forest. As long as they like it and feel happy.

Let them freely play. We watch their actions or reactions and on the right moment i try to catch their expressions.

The digital pictures have a high resolution and can easily be printed on A2 size what results in a photo that really shows your child in action.


If you are interested in creating a photo album for your pictures or you want to create a small or large size wall decoration or wall frame, i can recommend following websites. They provide easy to use on-line software to create your album or upload the picture(s). Their service is excellent, delivery is world-wide and fast. Below you can find the direct links to their site.

BLURB Photo books

PROFOTONET photo books